Richard Cooke

Richard Cooke
Richard Cooke is The Monthlys contributing editor. 

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A double disillusion election – part one


Tony Abbott is the symptom, not the cause of the Coalition’s woes

Much obliged


The poor face onerous rules while rich corporations avoid tax with impunity

‘The Political Bubble’ by Mark Latham


Macmillan Australia; $32.99

Airwave wars

Sydney's CB radio scene is a battlefield

Bill Shorten and Tony Abbott at the opening of parliament, November 2013. © Gary Ramage / Newspix  

The people versus the political class


The distance between us and our rulers is getting bigger

Let’s stop pretending the Liberal Party believes in free speech


You'd need a heart of stone not to laugh at right-wing think-tanker Tim Wilson becoming a Human Rights Commissioner. Whatever the merits of his appointment, it’s an ace piece of industrial strength trolling by George Brandis, parachuting a culture warrior …

Credit Julia?


Rewriting the Gillard years

The Tea Party takes its medicine


For the other countries of the first world, a US government shutdown is a real curiosity. It might even be exciting, if it wasn’t for the consequences. We all have political problems, but only America deals with them by becoming Somalia for a while. …

What Labor hasn’t learnt


The delusion continues post-election