Richard Cooke

Richard Cooke is a writer, broadcaster and contributing editor to the Monthly.


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Illustration by Jeff Fisher.
Why I Am Not A Conservative (Any More)
Perhaps it’s another sign of the Triumph of Selfishism, but Margaret Thatcher’s death got me thinking about myself, and my own political development. It’s the...
Whatever happened to Mamdouh Habib?
‘Who?’ That was the response when I mentioned that Mamdouh Habib had won the right to sue the NSW Police for racism. He failed the pub test not once, but several times...
Is Graham Richardson psychic?
In the course of last week’s Crean Immolation, there was only one commentator who finished the day of chaos with a perfect record of prediction. That man was Graham...
Laughing Gas
When Lieutenant John Pike was filmed pepper-spraying cross-legged Occupy protesters with the nonchalance of a retiree hosing down the garden, it took a day for the image to make...
Illustration by Jeff Fisher.
I got nothin’ for you
Dave Panichi is one of the greatest jazz trombonists Australia has produced. He is also the straight man in one of the greatest unintentional comedy routines ever recorded. "I...
Illustration by Jeff Fisher.
Bugging out
Simon Beer has spent the past five years trying to convince himself that the Apocalypse will be fun. Not that he calls it the Apocalypse. His fellow survivalists call it...
Illustration by Jeff Fisher.
Kuru awareness week
The US Vice President, Dick Cheney, took an unwelcome guest home with him from his recent Australian trip. Never a healthy man (he has had four heart attacks and a quadruple...
Why drug dealers vote Liberal
Mitch may have stopped dealing drugs but he still wears the uniform of his former profession. His outfit is an expo for man-made fibres – nylon and rayon, teflon and polyester....