Richard Cooke

Richard Cooke
Richard Cooke is The Monthlys contributing editor. 

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Image of US troops in Syria

Peace with dishonour


On the West’s Trump-led exit from the wreckage of the Middle East

The aftermath


What is the lesson of Labor’s cautionary tale?

Doomsday is nigh


The ALP’s policies are mild – why are they being treated as a mortal threat?

Carping emissions


Unable to face the wicked problem of climate change, the campaign turns personal

Image from ‘Clive Palmer: Humble Meme Merchant’

The humble meme merchant


The reasons for Clive Palmer’s resurgence are as inexplicable as its effects

Image of Bill Shorten and Scott Morrison

The vision thing


So far, the federal election campaign of 2019 is a surprise return to the politics of yesteryear

Murdoch press snippets

News Corp: Democracy’s greatest threat


Denialism, nihilism and the Murdoch propaganda machine

Image of Defence Minister Christopher Pyne

The Teflon Kingdom


Saudi Arabia is confident it can buy out the West, and Australia is happy to oblige

Losing the plot: the American midterms

Tired of Winning

Caravan conspiracies, dead candidates and a miasma of acrimony … welcome to the 2018 US campaign trail