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9 ENTRIES Rebecca Harkins-Cross is a writer and cultural critic. She has received several awards from the Australian Film Critics Association.


Cover of ‘Sleepless: A Memoir of Insomnia’


Marie Darrieussecq’s ‘Sleepless’

Subtitled ‘A Memoir of Insomnia’, the French author’s latest has her contemplating bedtime rituals, sedation and ‘four-in-the-morning literature’

Image from ‘Celeste’


A fugitive dream: Ben Hackworth’s ‘Celeste’

On the future of the Australian art film and forgetting the past

Image from ‘Capharnaüm’


‘Capharnaüm’: giving voice to the voiceless

Nadine Labaki on what motivated her exploration of turmoil’s impact on children

Image from ‘My Brilliant Friend’


‘My Brilliant Friend’ breaks the spell

The television adaptation lacks the all-consuming magic of Elena Ferrante’s novels

Image from ‘Strange Colours’


‘Strange Colours’ directed by Alena Lodkina

Australia is cast in a new light in this debut feature made outside industry conventions

Image from ‘A Star Is Born’


Lady Gaga mesmerises in the uneven ‘A Star Is Born’

After a beguiling first act, director Bradley Cooper struggles to maintain momentum

Image from ‘Ladies in Black’


The male gaze of ‘Ladies in Black’

Bruce Beresford’s adaptation lacks the charm and pathos of the classic novel

Image from ‘Mystery Road’ on ABC TV


The shadowy Mystery Road

Aaron Pedersen brings detective Jay Swan to the small screen

Image from ‘Breath’


‘Breath’: rehearsing masculinity on the waves

Simon Baker adapts Tim Winton’s coming-of-age novel for his directorial debut