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Gail Jones Was Saved by Reading

Michael sits down with Gail Jones to discuss One Another, as well as desire, hauntings, and Joseph Conrad.


Why Kate Jennings Is There in Everything Erik Jensen Writes

Michael chats with The Saturday Paper’s editor in chief about Australian author Kate Jennings’ life and work and Erik shares why her novel, Snake, is the best Australian book he’s ever read.


No Dogs Die in Briohny Doyle’s New Novel

Michael chats with author Briohny Doyle, whose most recent novel Why We Are Here explores the complexities of grief, both individual and collective.


How Geraldine Brooks Became a Novelist

For our first episode of 2024, Michael speaks with Pulitzer Prize-winning author Geraldine Brooks. She shares her life sentence and reflects on how her upbringing provided the perfect building blocks for a career as a writer. Listen wherever you get your


We Went to Fitzroy Pool

For our last show of the year, Michael heads to Fitzroy Pool to find out what people are reading as the weather warms up. Plus, some of our previous guests offer book recommendations for the summer holidays.


Max Porter’s Freight Is Proportioned to His Groove

Max Porter shares the piece of writing that changed his life and reveals why every single time he thinks about it, its power renews itself like a rechargeable battery.


Why Michelle de Kretser Wants You to Read Shirley Hazzard

Michael speaks with Michelle and Shirley Hazzard's biographer Brigitta Olubas about one of Australia's most underrated and underread authors.


Gabrielle Zevin Wants to Talk About Failure

Michael sits down with author Gabrielle Zevin for a wide-ranging discussion about collaboration, creativity, ambition and failure in her new book, Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow.


The Cause and Effect of Richard Flanagan

Michael heads to Tasmania to speak with Richard at his home in Hobart about his latest and most personal novel, Question 7.


Rebecca Makkai Is on the Case

Michael sits down with best-selling author Rebecca Makkai to discuss her latest novel, the perils of true crime, and why being surprised when reading a book is so much more satisfying than a jump scare in a movie.


Charlotte Wood Thinks Restraint Is Underrated

Michael sits down with author Charlotte Wood to discuss her new book, Stone Yard Devotional, and she shares the psychic catastrophe that informed its final form.


It’s Trent Frickin’ Dalton

This week, Michael sits down with Trent to discuss this new work, where his boundless enthusiasm comes from, and much more.


Robyn Davidson and the Impossible Book

Michael sits down with Robyn Davidson, famed author of Tracks (1980), to discuss fear, loneliness and how she completed her self-proclaimed “impossible memoir” Unfinished Woman.


David Marr vs Australia’s Old Lie

Michael talks with David about shame – both personal and national – and why his family agreed that he had to write Killing for Country.


Melissa Lucashenko is our Poet Laureate of Ratbags

Michael sits down with Melissa for a conversation about her new book, Edenglassie, and they discuss history, eccentric characters, and why writing a love story is a revolutionary act.