Rachel Withers

Rachel Withers
Rachel Withers is the contributing editor of The Monthly Today.

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Accountable to no one


Shadow minister for government accountability Kristina Keneally calls for some

Image of Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese launching Labor’s Pandemic Recovery Jobs and Industry Taskforce in Cairns

Small target, big cuts


On policy, Labor takes a conservative approach

Image of Prime Minister Scott Morrison speaking after today’s national cabinet meeting

It’s the constitution


Labor pushes federal responsibility

Image of Prime Minister Scott Morrison at a press conference today

Quarantine angst


The ongoing federal vs states argument over responsibility

Four images showing Tanya Plibersek and Craig Kelly in the press gallery of Parliament House this morning

Dressing up the dressing down


Craig Kelly has finally been censured, or so the government would have you believe

Image of Coalition backbencher Craig Kelly appearing on Pete Evans’ podcast.

Labor keeps at it


The government insists JobKeeper must go, but Craig Kelly can stay

Image of Prime Minister Scott Morrison speaking at the National Press Club today

The big five-oh


Morrison’s five priorities for 2021 seem like politics as usual