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Rachel Withers
Rachel Withers is the contributing editor of The Monthly Today.

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Image of Prime Minister Scott Morrison speaking at a press conference today

The hardest word


Do Australians want an apology from Scott Morrison?

Prime Minister Scott Morrison at a press conference at Kirribilli House on July 16. Image © Mick Tsikas / AAP Image

Three’s a crowd


With three capital cities in lockdown, a trio of major polls shows voters are holding the PM fundamentally responsible

Image of Senator Katy Gallagher during Senate estimates. Image via Twitter

Parks and declarations


The prime minister’s office finds itself uncomfortably close to inappropriately apportioned funding

Pride and precedents


The Morrison government has accepted the error of its ways, so why can’t Berejiklian?

Twin failings


The woman who failed to learn from the past, and the man who failed to plan for the future

Image of Treasurer Josh Frydenberg

The petty and the petulant


Is the Victorian government being “petulant” here, or is it right to gripe about double standards?

Image of Prime Minister Scott Morrison. Image via ABC News

Too little too late?


The feds provide more support, but the delay has made this lockdown longer and more expensive

P(fize)R war


Kevin Rudd and the federal government fight for credit over next to nothing

Image of Prime Minister Scott Morrison

Lies upon lies


The only thing ramping up is the shamelessness of the PM’s falsehoods