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Spin of omission

What is the point of a ministerial climate update that doesn’t mention our emissions are still rising?

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Do the right thing

It is time for Labor to stop acting like LNP-lite on immigration detention

Anthony Albanese and Peter Dutton are seen seated opposite each other in Question Time. Albanese is smiling. Dutton has his back turned.

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Dirty deals damage democracy

There isn’t much time to stop a bipartisan deal that many believe would entrench the two-party system

Image of Anthony Albanese in the House of Representatives.

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Fortune favours the bold

As Labor’s fortunes “nosedive”, it is time for Anthony Albanese to step up

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‘Australian values’

Visas for Palestinians appear to be sending Australia into another racist moral panic

Civil wrongs

The Politics

Civil wrongs

Australian civil liberties are under attack, and it is incumbent on all of us to pay attention

Anthony Albanese and Jim Chalmers in the House of Representatives, October 2023.

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Exit stage three

A report on generational spending power could not make it any more obvious that the Stage Three tax cuts need to be rethought

Peter Dutton speaks in the House of Representatives

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The rule of Dutton

The government fast-tracks alarming new laws, but the Coalition wants it to overturn the rule of law

Opposition Leader Peter Dutton

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Wreck and ruin

Peter Dutton is doing his darndest to tear our already fraying social fabric apart

Whistleblower David McBride arrives with support dog Jakey for the start of his trial outside the ACT Supreme Court

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The sniff test

Independents and whistleblowers are once again putting Labor to shame when it comes to transparency

Image of Peter Dutton seated in the House of Representatives

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A question of moral equivalence

Labor calls for “next steps” towards a ceasefire, and the Coalition goes on the attack

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The Politics

Accentuate the positive

Does Anthony Albanese truly think “charm” will get Pacific nations through the climate crisis?

Image of Jim Chalmers with a serious expression

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The big squeeze

Can Labor afford to go ahead with the Stage Three tax cuts when everyday Australians are struggling to make ends meet?

A student lays flowers outside St Andrew’s Cathedral School in Sydney.

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Known horror

How many more Australian women will die at the hands of a man ‘known to them’ before the year is out?

Image of Australia’s ambassador to the United Nations James Larsen. Image via X

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A seat at the table

How will we look back on Australia’s role in this humanitarian crisis?