Paul Connolly

Paul Connolly is a Melbourne-based freelance journalist and author, and is the editor of the essay collection Father Figures.

Articles by this author

Some actors intentionally suffer for their art
Patient simulation
Of all the places Tim Ratcliffe has pretended to be unwell – and over the years he’s feigned cancer, bleeding from the bowel, angina, high blood pressure, fainting fits,...
Audio describers bring theatre to life for the vision impaired
Painting the picture
Ness Sari wouldn’t normally go to the circus. Being almost completely blind, she figures that there’s little point. She’s here tonight, though, sitting in the front row for Circus...
Homelessness has reached crisis levels in Melbourne and Sydney
Rough times
It’s a cold, wet Monday night in Melbourne, but the confluence of Flinders Lane, Degraves Street and Centre Place – the centre of “the world’s most liveable city” – is...
Six stories of 100 words
6 × 100
  THERAPY On account of what happened at school, Andy’s mum suggested he see a therapist. The therapist, Annabelle, recommended he keep a journal to help manage his...
Trackside at a 24-hour ultramarathon
Foot soldiers
“Are we there yet?” quips first-time ultramarathon runner Angelo Portelli, 46, at 10.01 am. He is one minute into the Coburg 24 Hour Track Championships being held at the Harold...
The Watson family take on ‘Family Feud’
Holy flark
The set of Channel Ten’s Family Feud has all the subtlety of Las Vegas at night, and as we take our seats within its glow the crowd-warmer fills us in on game-show audience...
Wild deer are heading for the suburbs
Stag party
It was in the pre-dawn hours about eight years ago that I first saw one, a magnificent stag with antlers big enough to hang a bloom of berets. I’d seen deer before, of course, but...