Paddy Manning

Paddy Manning is a contributing editor (politics) at The Monthly. He is a writer and journalist who has worked for the ABC, Fairfax, Crikey and the Australian. He is also the author of three books, including Boganaire: The rise and fall of Nathan Tinkler.

Articles by this author

If big business wants tax cuts, they should sign on the dotted line
Show us the money
Instead of trumpeting Trumponomics at us from the US, perhaps Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull could return via Japan and take a leaf out of Shinzo Abe’s book instead. The newly...
Tony Abbott lights the anti-immigration fuse
Shrinking Australia
Good afternoon, Only Tony Abbott could see Jim Molan’s anti-immigration sentiments and raise him one, without literally quitting the Liberal Party and joining One Nation....
Real problems fester while the Nationals’ crisis drags on
The wheels have fallen off
Good afternoon, The wheels have fallen off and federal politics appears well and truly stuck. The Nationals may or may not [$] have a partyroom meeting next week at which...
The PM needs to rise above the fray
Malcolm Turnbull’s thin skin
Behind Malcolm Turnbull’s emotive press conference at which he castigated the “shocking error of judgement” of his deputy, Barnaby Joyce, in having an extra-marital affair, and...
Barnaby Joyce and Malcolm Turnbull are at war
Pub test: Coalition of the unwilling
Good afternoon, Clearly reeling from a week’s extended scrutiny of his marriage breakdown and ministerial conduct, Nationals leader and deputy prime minister Barnaby Joyce...
The Murray-Darling Basin Plan is key to the PM’s legacy. He must save it.
Cry me a river
Good afternoon, Everything is too important for politics, but the Murray-Darling Basin Plan is really too important for politics. The PM must show leadership and take back...
You can’t cut tax for companies paying zero
Big business tax cuts a non-starter
Good afternoon, While the #Barnababy saga morphs into #beetrooter and then dissolves into same-old #leadershit, the government is not only being distracted from prosecuting the...
With accusations flying, there will be no let-up now for the deputy PM
Barnaby Joyce beleaguered
A questionable revelation over a consensual affair between two adults, albeit employer and employee, is morphing from an exposé of predictable hypocrisy into a rather more grave #...
For once, really important targets are making a difference
Minding the gap
Even if they have become an “annual statement of failure”, as The Australian reports [$] today, the Closing the Gap targets could be said to be working if they ratchet up the...
The deputy PM is the last person we need to worry about here
Pub test: Barnababy
Good afternoon, However reluctantly, I feel compelled to discuss Barnaby Joyce’s affair. It is unavoidably subjective, but in my opinion, it is only with today’s revelation...
Big bank regulatory risks are being priced in comfortably
Am I bothered?
The overriding impression listening to outgoing Commonwealth Bank chief Ian Narev on radio (ABC’s PM) yesterday, after he had delivered his last thumping profit result...
The PM should be careful grandstanding on the economy
“403,000 jobs in a row”
However it shakes out, the share market turmoil of the last 48 hours is a timely reminder that the Turnbull government is skating on fairly thin ice, economically. Most...
The Greens’ candidate for Batman is no opportunist
Sixth time lucky? Meet Alex Bhathal
The looming Batman by-election in Melbourne’s inner north, following from the resignation of Labor’s David Feeney over dual citizenship, may seem to be getting more attention than...
Don’t write off “faction man” just yet
Shorten doubles down
Parliament’s first sitting week for 2018 begins with a Newspoll [$] confirming the momentum, if not the actual lead, has shifted back to the government. The Coalition is within...
“Turnbull’s doing what Trump’s done”
Pub test
Paul Keating used to say he was glad he grew up in Western Sydney, because it meant that, as an Australian politician, he knew where the ballast was. (If he knew where it was and...
The PM, a businessman, is very pro-business
Staying the course
The prime minister’s big gamble in his big year-ahead speech in Toowoomba today was to say or offer nothing new. Turnbull has a plan – for what Ross Gittins has dubbed “Jobson...
The prime minister has his reasons
Who’s afraid of an integrity commission?
Opposition Leader Bill Shorten’s announcement yesterday that Labor will establish a National Integrity Commission has been greeted with that most perfect reaction: no argument....
Bill Shorten wants to put last year’s scandals behind him
Labor turns over new leaf on corruption
At least Bill Shorten announced something substantial at the National Press Club today: Labor will support a National Integrity Commission, a federal anti-corruption body with all...