Oscar Schwartz

Oscar Schwartz is a Darwin-based writer, researcher and teacher.

Articles by this author

The Darwin poet whose muse is a dialysis machine
Lucky Luke
The first poem I read by Luke Morcom is entitled ‘My Loving Wife’. In the first three stanzas, a man sings in praise of his new spouse, counting the ways that he loves her. But...
John Safran explores the human tangles of belief and identity
Untying the knot
In 2004, John Safran travelled to Orange County, California to try to join the Ku Klux Klan. In a clubhouse, surrounded by Nazi insignia, Safran suggested to the Grand Wizard that...
Wikiclub NT is raising the Northern Territory’s profile on Wikipedia
Get your Wiki on
“Welcome to Wikiclub,” says Caddie Brain with a smile. “This is only our second meeting. It’s good to see some of you again. And for those of you who are new, welcome!” There...
Internet access in jails
At 7.57 am, while eating breakfast, I receive a WhatsApp notification. It’s a message, 16 seconds long. “Hello, my friend,” a man says in a sonorous voice. It is hard to pin down...
When eating healthy becomes an eating disorder
Nervous eaters
Rather than being organised into starters and mains, the menu at Palate restaurant in Melbourne is separated into six proteins and 15 vegetables. Ivy Thompson beckons the waiter...