Nicole Gill

Nicole Gill is a Tasmanian environmental writer.  Her nonfiction book, Animal Eco-Warriors, was released in June 2017.


Articles by this author

Meet Australia’s creatures of the deep
Snapshots from the abyss
The smells of ethanol and fish hang in the air as Dr Dianne Bray, Museums Victoria’s senior collection manager for vertebrate zoology, extracts a small, bulldog-faced fish from...
Saving Australia’s smallest freshwater fish
Nature 2.0
“No two springs are the same. They all have their individual quirks,” says ecologist Rob Wager, as he casts about for signs of Australia’s smallest freshwater fish. It is just...
A cat-detection team is doing important work on Dirk Hartog Island
An island ark
The stars are bright over Western Australia’s Dirk Hartog Island, which sits within the Shark Bay World Heritage Area. Zoologist Sue Robinson shovels muesli into her mouth without...
Solastalgia and the impact of the recent bushfires
Rupture in Tasmania
“I have three questions for you tonight: Why are you here? What do these fires signify? And what can we do?” Professor David Bowman, a fire ecologist from the University of...
A day at Christmas Island’s Lizard Lodge
Every lizard counts
“We’ve got a runner!” A blue-tailed skink the length of a birthday candle sits atop a stack of sticks and rocks, which in turn sits on top of the lizard’s perspex tank. Today is...