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Nick Feik
Nick Feik is the editor of The Monthly.

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Editor’s Note April 2015


When Julie Bishop rolled her eyes while seated behind Treasurer Joe Hockey in parliament last Monday, she was expressing several things at once. The first was that she was not at all impressed by the Expenditure Review Committee, which Hockey slyly mentioned …

A lawless hellhole


The Moss review into allegations of the sexual abuse of asylum seekers on Nauru was released, in redacted form, within hours of the announcement of the death of former prime minister Malcolm Fraser. Immigration Minister Peter Dutton bridled at the insinuation …

Editor’s Note March 2015


While the nation remains captivated by the inordinate dysfunction of the Coalition, it is perhaps unsurprising that Labor has avoided scrutiny. An attacking Opposition is barely necessary at times like this: the government is doing a perfectly good job …

Editor’s Note February 2015


The nation’s politicians are back at work, but they don’t look very refreshed. Tony Abbott seems to have left his brain on holiday, his government looks mired in the same policy disaster zones as last year, and the rest of the parliament appears in …

Tony Abbott illustration by Jeff Fisher

Year of the dog

Abbott government

Tony Abbott and the Coalition government face a tough 2015

Breaking ranks


What senior government “sources” really think of each other

The political stupidity of the ABC cuts


We hardly need to be reminded of it, but the ABC funding cut demonstrates the utter political ineptitude of the Abbott government. It’s not just that it’s an obvious broken promise (one that Coalition members compound foolishly by denying). Nor …

Editor’s Note December 2014 – January 2015


Summer is upon us, and for many it heralds a hard-earnt break. For some, like those in our federal government, this will come as sweet relief after a torrid year. The Coalition leaders probably feel a little like the figure in the beautiful Brett Whiteley …

Editor’s Note November 2014


The prime minister thinks we should have a mature debate about tax reform, the treasurer says we need to crack down on corporate tax evasion, and Rupert Murdoch has warned Western governments that their policies that benefit the super-rich have caused …