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Nick Feik
Nick Feik is the editor of The Monthly.

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Tony Abbott illustration by Jeff Fisher

Year of the dog

Abbott government

Tony Abbott and the Coalition government face a tough 2015

Breaking ranks


What senior government “sources” really think of each other

The political stupidity of the ABC cuts


We hardly need to be reminded of it, but the ABC funding cut demonstrates the utter political ineptitude of the Abbott government. It’s not just that it’s an obvious broken promise (one that Coalition members compound foolishly by denying). Nor …

Editor’s Note December 2014 – January 2015


Summer is upon us, and for many it heralds a hard-earnt break. For some, like those in our federal government, this will come as sweet relief after a torrid year. The Coalition leaders probably feel a little like the figure in the beautiful Brett Whiteley …

Editor’s Note November 2014


The prime minister thinks we should have a mature debate about tax reform, the treasurer says we need to crack down on corporate tax evasion, and Rupert Murdoch has warned Western governments that their policies that benefit the super-rich have caused …

Editor’s Note October 2014


It’s no simple task to mount a survey of the arts in Australia. By what criteria do we judge success and worth? Increasingly, the critical and popular response to artistic works is governed by financial considerations and other basic metrics. What was …


The year of ruling dangerously


The Abbott government has achieved only chaos in its first year

Editor’s Note September 2014


In September, the Abbott government will celebrate its first birthday. Perhaps “celebrate” isn’t the right word. Most government MPs would give quiet thanks that the year is over, and concede it hasn’t been the one they expected. Voters are more …

Editor’s Note August 2014


Malcolm Knox’s essay this month explores an issue that affects almost every Australian: the unchecked power of the country’s two biggest supermarket chains.  Coles and Woolworths together have become an unstoppable retail juggernaut. Their behaviour …