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Nick Feik
Nick Feik is the editor of The Monthly.

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Tony Abbott announced this morning that the Coalition would be prepared to back a modest increase in the Medicare levy to fund the NDIS. It was only yesterday morning that the Coalition was publicly opposing it, but a series of dramatic political manoeuvres …

The environmentalists have lost

Climate change

 If the civil rights movement had been as ineffective as the environmental movement, Rosa Parks’ granddaughter would still be sitting in the back of a segregated bus. She might be secure in the knowledge that a global consensus …

Let them pull their weight


I’ve always found Tony Abbott’s stance on asylum seekers loathsome. He refers to refugees as ‘illegal’ despite knowing it’s entirely legal to seek asylum. He recently announced the Coalition would reduce Australia’s refugee intake, seemingly …

Waiting on Nate’s Numbers

American Politics

If there's one person, besides Obama and Romney, who will always be associated with the 2012 US presidential elections, one person whose professional reputation is just as dependent on the result, one person whose numbers will be equally scrutinised, …

This is Not-Australia

Asylum seekers

The government is seeking to excise mainland Australia from the migration zone – but only for unauthorised arrivals. For the rest of us, Australia will still be here. So, refugees won’t be able to seek asylum if they arrive by boat. Because no matter …