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8 ENTRIES Nicholas Shakespeare is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature. His books include In Tasmania, Inheritance and The Dancer Upstairs, which was made into a film by John Malkovich.


Image: Detail of a painting by Max Watters. Image courtesy of Nicholas Shakespeare


My small part in the making of ‘The Power of the Dog’

How a conversation about Patrick White led to the making of Jane Campion’s Oscar-nominated film

Outback jihad

Outback jihad

How World War One came to Broken Hill

The Orange-bellied parrot


The Orange-bellied parrot

Alison had never liked her grandmother, who lived alone in a big overheated apartment in Zurich, and so when Helen went into hospital after a mild stroke and, rather than consent to enter a nursing home, decided on a “self-determined death” with the …

Bluestone Bay, Tasmania. © Paul Sinclair / The Freycinet Experience


The quiet peninsula

Freycinet, Tasmania


Before little England

James Boyce’s ‘Van Diemen’s Land’


Sarah has an interview

In early July my beautiful 17-year-old niece arrived from Winnipeg, Canada, on her first visit to London. I’d assured Sarah’s parents I would look after her in the city that Londoners fondly call “the big smoke”. In Winnipeg, as in the Kundera …


The intervention

W. made his slow way up the steps into Am Sandwerder and accustomed his eyes to the light, uncertain whether the streaks in the sky signified dawn or dusk. Never could he recall feeling so depleted. He had lost count of the hours he’d spent in the basement …


“Oh my god. He’s done it again”

Dobbing on Dr Raad