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Mungo MacCallum
Mungo MacCallum is a political journalist and commentator. His books include Run Johnny Run, Poll Dancing, and Punch and Judy. Visit his blog, The View from Billinudgel.

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Fixed Term

Julia Gillard

When Julia Gillard gave seven and a half months’ notice for the 2013 election, the breathless media branded her action as unprecedented, which it was, and as extraordinary, which it certainly wasn’t. After all, what she did was effectively declare …

Tony Abbott, March 2010, ahead of the Port Macquarie Iron Man event. © Nathan Edwards / Newspix

Too darn hot

Liberal Party

Joe Hockey for PM?

Senator Bob Brown of the Greens signs an agreement with Prime Minister Julia Gillard to support a minority government before fellow Greens Rachel Siewert, Christine Milne, Sarah Hanson Young and Adam Bandt as well as Treasurer Wayne Swan © Greens MPs/Flickr

The Gillard Agreement

The Greens

So Greens leader Christine Milne is unimpressed with Julia Gillard’s bargaining skills.“The Prime Minister is always cited as a great negotiator but I have pointed out that it’s not about whether you get an agreement, it’s about whether the agreement …

Whitehaven Hoax

Thank the powers that be that we have the media to set decent standards. For weeks the pundits of the press have been inveighing against Nicola Roxon’s attempts to set uniform, comprehensive and comprehensible guidelines about what constitutes offensive …

Julian Assange in Ecuadorian Embassy, London, August 2012. © Snapperjack/Flickr

Assange for the Senate

Julian Assange

Making political predictions is an inherently risky task, but 2013 provides one pretty safe bet: barring armed revolution or similar catastrophe we will have a federal election in Australia. And if the concluding events of 2012 are any guide, it will …

COAG Battles

Campbell Newman

Premiers’ Conferences used to be so simple. The night before, the six premiers would arrive in Canberra, check into the old Canberra Hotel and have quite a few drinks as they waited for the Commonwealth to produce its offer of money. They would then …

© Andrew Taylor/Reuters

Junk politics

Bob Brown

The pursuit of character over substance

Amateur league


The game of politics

Illustration by Jeff Fisher.

Rudd and the Murdoch press


The most powerful man in Australia does not actually live in Australia. This, for many, is just one more reason to fear and loathe him. Much of Australia has never forgiven Rupert Murdoch for putting wealth and power above patriotism, and deserting his …