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Mungo MacCallum
Mungo MacCallum is a political journalist and commentator. His books include Run Johnny Run, Poll Dancing, and Punch and Judy. Visit his blog, The View from Billinudgel.

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Our Old China Plate


Julia Gillard’s visit to China seems to have gone smoothly enough and her top-level talks at the forum at Boao are even producing concrete results. The ability to convert Australian dollars directly to Chinese Yuan will be a useful short cut for …


Labor Party

The cynics who believed that the pseudo spill was a conspiracy between Julia Gillard and Simon Crean to flush out and destroy Kevin Rudd should now think again: Crean was, as always, absolutely straight. His only concern was the welfare of the Labor Party, …

Resilient Gillard

Tony Abbott

Let me start this piece on a personal note. The day after the tragic farce of the leadership spill, Julia Gillard paid a long-scheduled visit to my home electorate of Richmond in northern New South Wales, so I tagged along. Richmond is held by Justine …

Make it memorable, Steve Gibbons

Labor Party

As if they didn’t have enough to fear and loathe already, the Liberal Party Tories and their media cheer squad have found a new hate object: the unassuming member for Bendigo, Steve Gibbons. Gibbons’s most recent crime is that last week, when demonstrators …

Western Whacking

Labor Party

Another week, another disaster for Labor. The whacking in the west was not unexpected – indeed, it was not even as bad as had been feared. At one stage the prediction was for the loss of 12 seats; it now looks a though this will be limited to nine at …

The Western Front


When you’re hot you’re hot, and when you’re not, well, you’re Julia Gillard. The premature announcement of the Prime Minister’s expedition into Sydney’s western suburbs was obviously a mistake; it gave the media far too much time to pontificate …

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Blame Canberra

Labor Party

An old Australian saying goes: When do you put in the boot? When somebody’s down. Which no doubt explains the all-Australian attack on our hapless prime minister over issues which should be Labor’s strengths: health and education. Victoria’s Ted …

Silly and Sillier

Gay marriage

With the election contest between the major parties apparently a foregone conclusion, perhaps it’s time for a bit of light relief with a look at the bit players. And no, we’re not referring to the Greens, who seem to have matured into the political …

King of the North

Liberal Party

There’s one thing about Tony Abbott’s Liberals: you can always rely on them to provide a healthy dose of nostalgia.When I joined the Australian back in the early days of 1965, one of the first stories I did was about a committee of Sydney …