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Mungo MacCallum is a political journalist and commentator. His books include Run Johnny Run, Poll Dancing, and Punch and Judy. Visit his blog, The View from Billinudgel.

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John Alexander’s victory has instilled Malcolm Turnbull with some fighting spirit
Bennelong’s greatest hits
So after all that, the bomb did not drop, the world has not ended. John Alexander has been re-elected and Australia’s champion, Bennelong’s champion, will relapse into the...
Dastyari’s China-related missteps have been a gift for Turnbull – one that the PM hopes will keep on giving
Fire man Sam
There is an old science-fiction story about a totalitarian state that regularly paraded dissidents before a packed arena bent on retribution and punishment. Led by a...
Turnbull may have an ally in Barnaby Joyce, but the Nationals are a broad church.
Nats in the ranks
When the New South Wales Nationals leader John Barilaro called for Malcolm Turnbull’s resignation last week, it was simple for Turnbull’s federal allies to dismiss it as just...
Image of Julie Bishop
Staunching a leak will do little to allay the federal government’s troubles
The Bishop? In the cabinet room?
The government of Malcolm Turnbull has now transcended mere dysfunction – it has lapsed into anarchy, total chaos. It was incredible enough that a very senior member of cabinet...
A Liberal-led smear campaign will only make Kristina Keneally a bigger threat to the government
Backlash in Bennelong
Let’s cut to the chase: whatever the optimists in the ALP may imagine, there is almost no chance of Kristina Keneally beating John Alexander in the Bennelong byelection....
There will be no resolution until Turnbull deals with his conservatives
Business as usual on same-sex marriage
Simon Birmingham and other exasperated colleagues are quite right: it is bizarre and dishonest in the extreme for those who have spent the past months – years even – implacably...
The arguments against an Indigenous voice to parliament simply don’t stack up
Rejection of the Uluru statement reveals the real Turnbull
After a week of incompetence, chaos and downright embarrassment, Malcolm Turnbull may have been looking for a silver lining. At least the dual-citizen debacle, along with...
There is a stark difference in how the Victorian premier and the PM approached their respective hot-button issues
Euthanasia, like same-sex marriage, is a decision for the parliament
The success of Victoria’s Labor government in passing its assisted dying legislation through the lower house is surely an object lesson in how to handle a sensitive and...
Attempts to encourage censorship and deliberate amnesia seldom work
Names have been suppressed
Soon after a maniacal gun nut slaughtered and maimed numerous concertgoers in Las Vegas, the idealists proposed a solution. Expunge the killer from history, they pleaded: never...
In retrospect, the Hawke years seem something of a golden age.
Bob Hawke, we miss you
I may be getting nostalgic in my old age – hell, I am getting nostalgic in my old age. But it was hard not to rejoice in the good old days as Bob Hawke and Gareth Evans arrived at...
Screenshot of Macklemore
They can and they do, and politicians only object when it’s a message they don’t like
Of course sports and politics should mix
Keep politics out of sport. No doubt this piece of graffiti appeared some 2000 years ago on the walls of Olympia, when the Roman emperors were accused of fixing the...
The Church is inconsistent in its rhetoric on discrimination
The crusade against same-sex marriage
At last our national daily has come clean. The Australian has now abandoned any pretence that the current plebiscite has anything to do with same-sex marriage and instead embarked...
Image of Lionel Murphy
Lionel Murphy was a singular personality – and it got him in trouble
Exhuming the Murphy allegations
Thirty-odd years after his death, the archivists have exhumed Lionel Murphy, the incomparable attorney-general from Gough Whitlam’s government. Or, rather, they have not...
Malcolm Turnbull got his postal survey win in the High Court but still stands to lose
An ugly same-sex marriage debate is just beginning
It was not the end; it was not even the beginning of the end. But it was, finally, the end of the beginning. The High Court has at last fanned the long-smouldering same-sex...
The government is becoming increasingly desperate to paint Labor as a poor economic manager
‘Socialist’ Shorten and the small businessmen
After the past fortnight, Bill Shorten will have to update his Wikipedia entry. It appears that apart from being, as he insists, a Victorian, he is also a Cuban, an East German, a...
How can Turnbull overcome the Coalition’s ongoing poll woes?
Leader’s block
From bollocks one week to bollards the next. Malcolm Turnbull’s response to everything that went wrong with the latest session of parliament was to ramp up the terrorist threat...
Won’t somebody think of the Roman Catholics?
Religious persecution
You have to pity the poor put-upon Roman Catholics. Not since the time of Emperor Nero have they been forced to suffer such relentless persecution. The entire year has been a...
Who will take the blame for the Commonwealth Bank’s latest scandal?
The buck stops here
Talking about inequality is not exactly new. Almost a century ago the writers F Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway were musing about it in their short stories. “Let me tell...