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The Monthly wins Australian Magazine Award


The Monthly wins Australian Magazine Award

The Monthly has collected a gong at the 2011 Australian Magazine Awards ceremony in Sydney. The Monthly was selected as the winner of the Business, Finance & Current Affairs category, competing against some of Australia’s best …


November 2011 Editor’s Note

It's hard to see Julia Gillard as a leader in more than name – seemingly incapable of setting the political agenda, she lacks the respect of much of the ALP's most ardent support base. Increasingly over the past year I'd hoped we would find a reason …

Exclusive screening invitations – ’The Tall Man’ (closed)


Exclusive screening invitations – ’The Tall Man’ (closed)

The Tall Man is the story of Palm Island, a tropical paradise in Australia’s Far North. Based on the award-winning book by Chloe Hooper, The Tall Man is a gripping and provocative film that exposes the inescapable complexities …

Melbourne Writers Festival 2011 Sessions on SlowTV


Melbourne Writers Festival 2011 Sessions on SlowTV

A compilation of lectures and talks from this year's Melbourne Writers Festival.Plotting the perfect crime – Tess Gerritsen and Michael RobothamBirds of a feather – Jonathan FranzenAll That I Am – Anna Funder in conversationKate …


Anne Summers: My “laughable errors”

On his blog, posted late on Saturday night, Andrew Bolt accuses me of “a despicable defamation of [his] wife”, and of “laughable errors, from my supposed previous ‘engagement’ to the apparent assumption that some clearly fake Twitter account …


The Bolt Factor Free for the Next 24 Hours (expired)

It was amusing to read on Andrew Bolt’s blog on Saturday that the Monthly had removed “The Bolt Factor” from our website when it was simply behind the paywall for subscribers. For the next 24 hours Anne Summers’ profile will be available …

Social media

Trolling the Comments Box

The Monthly’s website has welcomed a surge of new visitors and lively audience participation in response to a teaser posted on Monday regarding Anne Summers’ profile, “The Bolt Factor”. Thousands of readers have passed by, leaving in …

Andrew Bolt

Editor’s Note: October issue (and the Bolt saga)

Andrew Bolt refused to talk with Walkley Award-winning journalist Anne Summers for her profile in the October Monthly. That's not particularly surprising: many public figures recoil from in-depth profiles. But Bolt's response to a reference …

Andrew Bolt as a young journalist working for the Age, c.1980.

News Limited

Andrew Bolt Profile in October issue

Update: The first 1600 words of Anne Summers' profile of Andrew Bolt is now published online (subscription required to read the entire piece, at 6700 words).Update: 'Bolt an opportunist keen on Fox News, …


New ‘advanced search’ feature

Visitors to now have another way to explore our archives. Our new ‘advanced search’ facility provides a powerful set of filters that students and researchers, in particular, will love using. Start with a search term or keyword, such …

Climate change

September 2011 editor’s note

There’s been remarkably little critical debate on the Left about what Gillard’s carbon price will actually achieve. Environmental groups are uniformly spruiking it, perhaps sensing the package is the last conceivable near-term chance of climate action. …


New website design: tell us what you think

We’d like to know what you think of the new Monthly website, a long-awaited update on our 2007 design. The bold new website features more photography and illustration to tempt you into spending more time online with Australia’s finest thinkers, …