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Barack Obama

Obama: The story so far

Barack Obama has long fascinated the Monthly's writers, and last year we found out that he still does the same to the American public. In the wake of his decisive victory over Republican challenger Mitt Romney, we chart Obama's story from Judith …

Barack Obama

Our readers react to the Presidential Debate

Barack Obama decisively won the second presidential debate, according to the Monthly’s readers, while less than half of Americans polled thought Obama won the latest round in the three-debate series. CNN’s poll reported 46% of American voters …

Barack Obama

React to the Presidential Debate

Tell us – and the world – what you, along with other Australians, think of today’s US Presidential Debate. Simply watch an eight-minute excerpt from the debate and use the Reactor™ slider to record how you feel about what you are watching. The …

Australian Politics

A Note on the Shifting Polls

­The latest Newspoll has Labor and the Coalition at 50–50 for the two-party-preferred vote. By contrast the AC Nielsen poll has the two parties at 47–53. Which poll is right? In 2011, in Quarterly Essay 41, George Megalogenis …

Paul Keating © Idpercy on Flickr, 2007

American Military

Why America Should Share Power with China

This is the complete text of Paul Keating’s speech to the Lowy Institute at the launch of The China Choice: Why America Should Share Power by Hugh White. * Hugh White does me an honour in asking me to launch his book The …

Vale, Alan Saunders

Philosopher and ABC Radio National broadcaster Alan Saunders died of pneumonia, aged 58, on Friday, 15 June. The following is a selection of his writing for the Monthly from over the years, as a tribute to the man and his work.Food for Thought …

John van Tiggelen


The Monthly Appoints New Editor

John van Tiggelen has been appointed Editor of the Monthly, from a highly competitive field of more than 70 applicants. Van Tiggelen, 45, has been a writer for Good Weekend since 1999. He will take up the Monthly’s


Top SlowTV Videos of 2011

SlowTV presents an editor's selection of ten of this year's best videos.Paul Keating in Conversation with Robert ManneWhy We Still Need Feminism – Sophie CunninghamIsrael: War, Peace and Storytelling – Amos OzThomas Friedman at the Melbourne Town …

Best Satire of 2011

Ten of the most amusing reads of 2011 from the Shortlist Daily. I'm sorry I bit you during my job interview "It was great to meet with you and learn more about the company. Please don’t hesitate to call or email if you have any …


Best Images of 2011

Ten of the best image galleries of 2011 from around the world as selected by the Shortlist Daily. The most powerful images of 2011– BuzzfeedExtreme instability 37 incredible images from storm chaser Mike Hollingshead.– Triggerpit …

Ben Naparstek

Ben Naparstek stepping down as Editor of the Monthly

Ben Naparstek is stepping down as Editor of the Monthly.Morry Schwartz, publisher of the Monthly, says of Naparstek: “Ben has been an outstanding editor who has done a brilliant job of maintaining the high standard of …

Top Reads of 2011

During 2011 the Monthly added a free daily service – the Shortlist Daily – a compact email providing a curated selection of the best reads from around the world. What follows is a selection of ten pieces that appeared in the …

Gail Bell’s “In the Rat Room” praised

An essay on animal cruelty in science published in the July Monthly has been commended by the judges in the 2011 Voiceless Media Prize for furthering debate on animal welfare via print and online journalism. Gail Bell’s “In the Rat Room: …

Australian culture

Top Monthly Essays of 2011

2011 has been quite a year: the Arab Spring, the Fukushima meltdown, the London riots, the EU’s debt crisis and the Occupy Wall Street movement would be only the merest beginnings of a list of unforeseen and fascinating events. Australians in the news …

Ben Naparstek

December 2011 Editors Note

People often lament that they don't have time to read fiction. In our social media age, the pressure to stay constantly up to date about current affairs is so demanding that it's no wonder fiction can become a low priority. But it is always seemed …