Miriam Cosic

Miriam Cosic is a Sydney-based journalist and author.

Articles by this author

Image of detail from the Museum of Water at the Fremantle Arts Centre
The Perth Festival event encourages reflection on a precious resource
Meaning and play run deep at the ‘Museum of Water’
The Museum of Water, developed for the Perth Festival but continuing until March 23, is a delightful exercise in participatory storytelling with a deeper, more crucial,...
Image of ‘Hamlet’
Brett Dean and Neil Armfield reimagine the Shakespearean tragedy at the Adelaide Festival
‘Hamlet’ reinvigorated as opera
Dozens of operatic Hamlets have been attempted in the last 200 years and none have remained in memory, let alone in repertoire. That several European and North American...
Image of Tony Matelli, Josh (2010)
National Gallery of Australia, Canberra, until 18 February 2018
Hyper Real
Realism has a long lineage in Western art. The ancient Greeks depicted bodily perfection in sculpture in accordance with their ideals of mimesis: accurate representation...