Michaela McGuire

Michaela McGuire
Michaela McGuire is a journalist and the author of Last Bets: A True Story of Gambling, Morality and the Law and the Penguin Special A Story of Grief. Visit her blog, Twirling Towards Freedom.

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Best in Show

Australian media

This week’s return of QandA was met with great anticipation. Fairfax syndicated a piece about “the faces behind the faceless tweets,” The Age’s Ben Pobjie told us that his blood was pumping in expectation, and people all over …

A Break in the Storm

Tony Abbott

Early this week, as Queensland residents were faced with the city’s second major flood in as many years in the wake of ex-tropical cyclone Oswald, Federal Liberal MP Andrew Laming embarrassed himself on Twitter again. On Monday afternoon he …

On Character and Caricature


Yesterday the public awoke to a curious day of news. We learnt about a new campaign for cats to be eradicated from New Zealand, that a stinky cheese-smelling gas has wafted over from France to London, and that Janet Albrechtsen is writing about feminism. …

Images from ‘Tony Abbott as seen in the Daily Telegraph’ Tumblr.

Tony in the Telegraph

Tony Abbott

Last week, while a catastrophic fire warning was in place for southern NSW, Tony Abbott announced on Twitter that he was going on standby with a volunteer fire brigade. Federal Labor MP Brendan O’Connor was quick to retweet the opposition leader’s …

Illustration by Jeff Fisher.

Last Hope in Hell

Black Saturday

Bushfire bunkers