Michael Lucy

Michael Lucy
Michael Lucy is a writer based in Melbourne.

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The year of magical thinking


Joe Hockey’s budget is out of this world

‘Clade’ by James Bradley


Hamish Hamilton; $32.99

Star noise

The world’s biggest radio telescope is under construction in Western Australia

Early examples of gene silencing in transgenic plants

Dr Graham’s patented elixir

Gene silencing, miracle cures and Balmain’s biggest biotech company

‘Bleeding Edge’ by Thomas Pynchon


Jonathan Cape; $32.95

Election night bingo


Everyone’s a winner



Joachim Rønning & Espen Sandberg (directors)

‘Love Story’ by Florian Habicht (director), In limited release

‘Love Story’ by Florian Habicht (director)


There are times and places to wear a fedora: while boot-legging in 1920s Chicago, for instance, or while being Michael Jackson. Florian Habicht, Love Story’s gangly Kiwi director, co-writer and protagonist, reckons another is while starring …

Illustration by Jeff Fisher.

Oh when the saint


Francis Xavier's hand