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56 ENTRIES Michael Lucy is a writer based in Melbourne.



Sharing and caring

Does anybody still care about the rising of the ‘sharing economy’?


The other budget

Climate change is a serious problem, and we have a deeply unserious government



‘The Diemenois’ by JW Clennett

Hunter Publishers; $39.95

The Politics

Gearing up

The tax conversation turns to negative gearing

The Politics

Time for some action

Things are heating up as the Paris climate conference approaches

The Politics


Malcolm Turnbull has more in common with Barack Obama than you might think

The Politics

Second-class citizens

Citizenship-stripping legislation sets a dangerous precedent

The Politics

It’s time (to move on)

The Dismissal has fascinated us for too long

The Politics

Softening the ground

Don’t be surprised if the GST goes up next year

The Politics

High in fibre

The NBN saga has gone on for too long

The Politics

Silent treatment

Our immigration regime has been wrapped in secrecy for too long

The Politics

Water, water everywhere

The public has a right to know what government officials do, on water or off

The Politics

The recording angel

A new health information system should remind us of the pitfalls of big data

The Politics

Moving windows

Malcolm Turnbull’s charm offensive is about changing our idea of what’s reasonable in politics

The Politics

Call and response

The government’s answer to the FSI is very much on-brand for Malcolm Turnbull