Martin McKenzie-Murray


61 ENTRIES Martin McKenzie-Murray is the author of The Speechwriter and A Murder Without Motive: The Killing of Rebecca Ryle.


Kim Williams seen through window with arms half-raised


The interesting Mr Williams

At a time when the ABC faces more pressure than ever before, is its new chair the right person for the job?

Image of Parliament House, Canberra, under storm clouds


Robodebt and the life of Canberra staffers

Does the extreme pressure put on Canberra’s overworked political staffers fuel tragedies such as robodebt?

Jacqui Lambie, dressed in black, is seen speaking passionately in the Senate among the chamber’s maroon benches. Independent Senator David Pocock, wearing a blue suit and no tie, can be seen seated in the background.

The Politics

Sending out an SAS

A reckoning with the war crimes committed by our armed forces in Afghanistan is only just beginning

A Christmas tree with broken bauble on the floor amid dropped pine needles


The little drama boy

Remembering a Christmas amid the strains of both John Farnham and extended family

Image of Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews during the 2022 Victorian state election campaign in Melbourne, November 12, 2022. Image © Diego Fedele / AAP Images


A vexing question

For Daniel Andrews’ devoted supporters, even a softball question is seen as somehow dangerous

Image of Sydney neurosurgeon Charlie Teo posing for a photograph, January 19, 2017. Image © Paul Miller / AAP Images


Charlie’s angels

Neurosurgeon Charlie Teo is facing a reckoning of sorts, but what of the media whose fawning reporting has long sustained his reputation?

Image of William Shatner speaking to the media on the landing pad of Blue Origin’s New Shepard after flying into space on October 13, 2021 near Van Horn, Texas. Photo © Mario Tama / Getty Images


To boldly not bother going…

From W. H. Auden to William Shatner, there have been doubters about the promise of space travel

Image of Russian President Vladimir Putin, October 5, 2022. Image © EPA / Gavriil Grigorov / Sputnik / Kremlin / Pool

The Politics

Nuclear reaction

What will happen when Vladimir Putin understands his war in Ukraine is lost?

Image of Cybersecurity Minister Clare O’Neil during Question Time in the House of Representatives, September 26, 2022. Image © Mick Tsikas / AAP Images

The Politics

Who shall fight them on the breaches?

The Optus data breach calls attention to the woeful state of Australia’s cybersecurity

Image showing medieval depiction of bees, circa 1200. Source: The Aberdeen Bestiary, Aberdeen University Library MS 24. Image via Twitter


Workers of the hive, unite!

A proud honeybee in service of the British royal family espouses class consciousness after the death of Her Majesty

Image of author J. G. Ballard, March 28, 1965. Image © Trinity Mirror / Mirrorpix / Alamy


Crash through

On writing, memory and J.G. Ballard’s “pram in the hall”

Detail from The Secret of Terror Castle


The secret of the missing eyebrows

As the Children’s Book Council of Australia’s Book Week draws to a close, the author reflects on the unusual influence of books from his childhood

Still image from ‘Meet Me in the Bathroom’


Was that it: ‘Meet Me in the Bathroom’

This loving portrait of the indie scene of the early 2000s will likely mean little to those who weren’t there

Image of Loren O’Keeffe, the founder of Missing Persons Advocacy Network. Image © Paul Jeffers


The complicated grief when a family member goes missing

As National Missing Persons Week begins, the founder of an advocacy network for families reflects on the ambiguous loss experienced by those left behind

Illustration of a tree


The herbs and the bees

How does a new parent avoid passing on the conspiracy of silence about the big things in life?