Mark McKenna


17 ENTRIES Mark McKenna is a professor of history at the University of Sydney. His books include An Eye for Eternity: The Life of Manning Clark.


Image of Australian Bicentenary protest, Sydney, NSW, 1988


The stunted country

There can be no republic without constitutional recognition of Indigenous Australians

Image of Australian Defence Force Chief Angus Campbell


Australia’s haunted house

The Brereton Report has wounded Scott Morrison’s efforts to make the Australian War Memorial the nation’s ‘most sacred place’



Scott Morrison’s quiet Australians

Just how silent does the PM want Australians to be?

Image of Quarterly Essay 69, “Moment of Truth” by Mark McKenna


Moment of Truth

Australia is on the brink of momentous change, but only if we can face up to the past – a Quarterly Essay extract

Image of Alfred Deakin


Success dogged him

Judith Brett’s ‘The Enigmatic Mr Deakin’ is a skilful portrait of Australia’s second prime minister

Image of Julie Bishop


The character business

What does the deluge of political biography and memoir say about politicians and readers?

Cover of Unnecessary Wars


‘Unnecessary Wars’ by Henry Reynolds

NewSouth Publishing; $29.99

Citizenship and its discontents


Citizenship and its discontents

Talk of stripping citizenship is just one example of Tony Abbott’s alarmist rhetoric

Australian History in 7 Questions cover

‘Australian History in 7 Questions’ by John Hirst

Black Inc.; $24.99


Blackfellas’ Point: One decade later

It is now more than twenty years since I first saw the land that I would later come to know as ‘Blackfellas’ Point’. What began as a retreat from Sydney – a remote ‘bush block’ on the far south coast of New South Wales – is now home to my …

Detail from St George and the Dragon (circa 1435), Rogier van der Weyden


Knights and the old republic

Tony Abbott's aggressive monarchism

ASIO photo of Gary Foley with Black Panther Denis Walker. Courtesy of Haydn Keenan


ASIO surveillance in ‘Persons of Interest’

Documentary series charts the history of Australia’s intelligence-gathering operations

Canberra, ca. 1915. Image courtesy of the National Library of Australia

Australian Parliament

Growing pains

The nation’s capital turns 100

Image from ‘The Last Diggers’ by Ross Coulthart. Courtesy of HarperCollins.

World War II

Lest We Inflate

Why do Australians lust for heroic war stories?

Jean Sibelius in Vienna, late 1880s. © Bettmann/Corbis

Who Stopped the Music

How Jean Sibelius ran out of notes