Mark Aarons


10 ENTRIES Mark Aarons is the author of The Family File and War Criminals Welcome: Australia, a Sanctuary for War Criminals Since 1945. From 1996 to 2006 he was a senior adviser to the NSW Labor government.


Robert Domm interviews Xanana Gusmão, October 1990.


Oil and water

Australia blurs the lines with Timor-Leste

Ian Macdonald. © John Grainger / Newspix


Mate of the Union

How to corrupt a party

Illustration by Jeff Fisher


The Greens and fundamentalism

From 1 July the Senate will have a genuine centre-left majority for the first time in 60 years. The 1951 double dissolution election stripped Labor of its Senate majority; it has never again held or shared a majority with an avowedly left-wing party. …

Illustration by Jeff Fisher.


NSW Labor

The impending rout of the New South Wales Labor government on 26 March will be unprecedented in modern Australian politics. With the ALP marooned on 24% of the primary vote in the last Newspoll of 2010, and 20% and 22% respectively in the first Galaxy …

Parliament House, Canberra. © JJ Harrison


The hollowmen

The destruction of Kevin Rudd’s prime ministership is unprecedented in the history of the Australian Labor Party. Never before had the parliamentary party treated a successful ALP leader with such disrespect and disloyalty, especially when it was only …

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Water policy

When Malcolm Turnbull announced his retirement from politics in April, he trumpeted his achievement of “a truly revolutionary reform of the way water is managed in Australia”. He rightly referred to the decades of “state run mismanagement of the …

Illustration by Jeff Fisher.



Australians can for the most part be proud of our international reputation for promoting human rights and opposing and punishing those who violate them. Australia is not perfect, but it nevertheless ranks among the world’s best nations. Except when …


Timor’s future

Xanana Gusmão and José Ramos-Horta


Beloved companheiros

What happened in East Timor


Truth, death & diplomacy in East Timor

A commission’s report confirms Australian duplicity & cowardice