Malcolm Knox


31 ENTRIES Malcolm Knox is a former literary editor of the Sydney Morning Herald, and has won three Walkley awards for journalism. His books include Jamaica, The Life and Bluebird.


Image of Samantha Brett of 7 News reporting on the ‘Ruby Princess’


Storm in a port: The unfolding disaster of the Ruby Princess

The system breakdowns onboard and onshore that led to the docking of the coronavirus cruise ship

Photo of Israel Folau



How evangelical footballer Israel Folau lit a fire under the culture wars

Image of Jeremy Heimans


Jeremy Heimans: the up-start

The co-founder of GetUp! might be the most influential Australian in the world

Marco and Nick Nikitaras


Supermarket monsters

Coles, Woolworths and the price we pay for their domination

On the Nose


On the Nose

The rise of cricket’s faceless men

An abandoned cafe in the asbestos-riddled ghost town of Wittenoom, WA. Wikimedia Commons

Mining boom

What the Boom Won’t Leave Behind

Mining literature

Liberal Party

Singo & Gina

The Worker's Party

Glenmore Park Junior Rugby League Club, 2007. © Newspix/News Limited

One-sport Wonders

It’s the type of dewy summer morning when you can be sunburnt by 8 am. On the cricket field, 10 year olds in whites are hoping the hard ball won’t come their way, or, if it must, that they’ll be concentrating on the match and not that big woolly …

"Oh my": Twilight's Bella Swan, pre-fan fiction. © Summit Entertainment

New York Times

Randy House

EL James’ 'Fifty Shades of Grey'

Building of Knox Grammar School, 1943. State Library of New South Wales


The old boy

Knox Grammar’s Adrian Nisbett

Raising the flag at Cronulla beach, 2005. © Cameron Spence / Getty Images


Cronulla five years on

Ever since Willemering put a spear through Arthur Phillip’s shoulder at Manly Cove in 1790, Sydney’s beaches have had a reputation for hostility to new arrivals. The precious beauty of the coast lends itself to lines literally drawn in the sand. One …

The mission


The mission

The Bowraville murders

Inside the Amazon warehouse, Fernley, Nervada, 2003. © Macduff Everton/Corbis


The next chapter

Tom Gilliatt thought he was quick on the uptake of Amazon’s Kindle – until he took one home. The non-fiction publisher at Pan Macmillan had his company e-reader, one of the first in Australia, taken away by his 11-year-old son, Freddy. “I was going …


The hard stuff

It was a recession; that’s my excuse. A friend got me a job interview with the world’s second-biggest management consultancy. A man and a woman sat me down in a conference room. They seemed barely older than me, children somehow left in charge of …

Nuclear dawn


Nuclear dawn

On 7 April at the National Press Club, Greens leader Bob Brown debated Ziggy Switkowski on Australia’s nuclear energy future. The debate had an odd feel, as Brown is categorical about Australia having no nuclear energy future and Switkowski contends …