Les Murray

Les Murray is an award-winning Australian poet with more than 30 published collections of work, including Taller When ProneThe Biplane HousesWaiting for the Past and The Best 100 Poems of Les Murray. His work has been translated into ten foreign languages.

Articles by this author

A poem
The inland food bowl
A gapped circle of colonies each staring at the ocean through a plaid of cars and imports. Inland lies the still uncrowded heartland once of drawl and steamboats now half...
Eating from the dictionary
  Plucked chook we called Poultry, or Fowl, a meat rare in our kitchens, crepe-skinned for festivity or medicine. As Chooks alive, they were placid donors of eggs...
Arthur Delbridge (seated) with, from left, David Blair, John Bernard and Susan Butler, 1981. © National Library of Australia
Adventures in lexiconia
Infinite Anthology
Here is a brief sample of words I have submitted to Australia’s Macquarie Dictionary over the last two or three years:   pobbledonk – scarlet-sided banjo frog. Large...
Drought essay: A levitation of land
Haze went from smoke-blue to beige gradually, after midday. The Inland was passing over high up, and between the trees. The north hills and the south hills lost...
Drought essay: Recognising the derision as fear
Death gets into the suburbs, but sleek turnover highrise keeps it out of mind   and wilderness, wrapped in its own deaths, scarcely points us at ours,...