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Let’s get our hands dirty

ABC TV’s ‘Gardening Australia’


The dying of the light

Philip Roth’s ‘Everyman’


The first woman

‘Commander in Chief’


Television programming

Channel 7; Channel 9; Channel 10


‘Vulture’; ‘Sunday Arts’; ‘The Movie Show’ on ABC-TV

Any poet could have told the ABC that with a name like Vulture its new arts program was bound to get negative feedback. A vulture is an ugly, disgusting creature whose presence lets you know your death is imminent.This may be why one blogger, having watched …

Queen Emily of the High Cs

“Why are you wasting your time watching that appalling trash?” asked the music critic I recently got into a conversation with about Australian Idol. When I say “music critic” I mean someone who goes regularly to the high-end stuff, to recitals …

Australian media

’A Current Affair’ on Channel Nine / ’Today Tonight’ on Channel Seven

Among people who get their current affairs from the ABC or SBS, the consensus is that A Current Affair and Today Tonight rate their socks off by relying on stories about neighbourhood feuds, sex scandals, dodgy salesmen, weight loss, welfare cheats and …

Illustration by Jeff Fisher.


Sundays in paradise

Paradise Community Church sits, appropriately enough, on acres of prime real estate. On a sunny Sunday morning it’s hard to find a space in their massive car park. For my first and only attendance at this Assemblies of God stronghold – Adelaide’s …

Illustration by Jeff Fisher.


This is your afterlife

In the course of her political career Pauline Hanson endured a range of unpleasantnesses, including death threats, jail strip-searches and the hurling into her face of unspeakable substances in public places. But the sight of Channel Nine’s Mike Munro …


Whiteboards and orangemen

Slick meets ick in ‘House’


Drought essay: Cambrai, South Australia

On a Tuesday in June, only a day or two before it finally began to bucket down, an article appeared on page two of the Adelaide Advertiser headed: “Please adopt a starving goat.” Leesa Lewis, director of the Australian Association for Dairy Goats, …


“There are no limits, love”

Graham Kennedy was an eyes-popping perfectionist, a subversive pre-feminist, a rebel without any trousers on.


‘Big Brother’ Channel Ten

Tragically, Big Brother is back. As with Australian Idol, this show’s soundtrack of non-stop hysteria is provided by a mob of nine-year-olds leaping about and screeching as though their complimentary jumbo drink-bottles of red cordial have all been …

Illustration by Jeff Fisher.


Conversation with Mrs Nitschke

In a quiet Adelaide suburb on a sunny autumn day, Gwen Nitschke is sitting at her kitchen table. She is talking about her son, Philip, who for the past ten years has been campaigning in the cause of voluntary euthanasia, and in the meantime doing as much …


Getting human

Andrew Denton and the art of interviewing