Jonathan Green


26 ENTRIES Jonathan Green is a writer and ABC broadcaster.


Anthony Albanese and Peter Dutton are seen in the centre of the frame, walking past each other.

The Politics

The empty centre

From border security to tax, the hollow centrism of the two-party system is destructive to the national interest

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and frontbenchers speak in the House of Representatives

The Politics

Iceberg politics

Despite the ugly politics of the week, might there be more going on beneath the surface of the Albanese government than meets the eye?

Peter Dutton and Clare O’Neil are seen passing each other in the House of Reps. O’Neil is facing the camera, while Dutton’s back is turned.

The Politics

Fear and voting

The major parties’ unity ticket on moral panic this week is a chilling prelude to the populist obscenities to come during the next federal election campaign

Silhouette of Peter Dutton is seen leaving after a press conference in 2017. Image © Mick Tsikas / AAP Images

The Politics

It’s not easy being freed

The long shadow of Peter Dutton’s time as immigration minister lingers over several recent High Court rulings

Image of Jacinta Price

The Politics

Yeah, nah

The referendum’s defeat shows Australia’s reluctance to embrace new ideas, not a greater appetite for more conservative dogma

Image of Tony Abbott looking grumpy

The Politics

Pouring fool on the fire

As increasingly frequent and intense fires ravage parts of the country, Tony Abbott’s climate denialism remains impervious

Image of shadow communications minister David Coleman

The Politics

Moment of truth?

Labor’s attempt to crack down on online misinformation is well and good, but what about the evident truths our leaders are still unable to act on?

Toolangi State Forest, Victoria


Wood for the trees

Native timber harvesting is ending, but as we begin to understand that ‘untouched wilderness’ is a myth, how best should forests be managed in future?

Anthony Albanese is seen speaking at a press conference, with Mark Butler in the background

The Politics

A pandemic without the politics?

Australia needs to be better prepared for the next pandemic – if only our leaders could agree

Peter Dutton and wife Kirilly, dressed in black tie, arrive at Parliament House holding hands.

The Politics

The midwinter’s tale

Despite arriving sans corporate sponsorship this year, the Midwinter Ball remains a symbol of the cosy relationship between politicians and the press gallery

Illustration by Jeff Fisher


War correspondence

Taciturn letters to the author’s family, written by his grandfather on World War One battlefields, prompt consideration of intergenerational trauma

Opposition Leader Peter Dutton is seen at the right of frame, expressionless, with a blurry object covering most of the frame

The Politics

Time for conservatives to get real

The voice debate demonstrates conservatives’ determination to oppose the reality of the world around them

A view of the Treasury building in Canberra, showing a close-up of the Australian coat of arms and the word “Treasury”

The Politics

Getting down to brass tax

If the spend on nuclear-powered submarines proves anything, it’s that we can afford to make Australia the kind of country we want it to be

Reserve Bank governor Philip Lowe speaks during Senate estimates, gesturing with one hand to illustrate a point.

The Politics

Rate expectations

It’s no consolation for those living in poverty that rising unemployment is all part of the plan

Image of Prime Minister Anthony Albanese speaking, against a black background

The Politics

Separating the elite from the chaff

How can we remake our arts and cultural policy when Australia’s anti-elitism is so entrenched?