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44 ENTRIES John van Tiggelen is a freelance writer and the author of Mango Country.


Bonnie Aungle in front of her house, which shifted sideways in the flood.


Rethinking Lismore in the new era of floods

What does the future hold for a town battered by climate-change catastrophe?



In dispute

There’s a new contender in Sophie Mirabella and Cathy McGowan’s battle for Indi

It’s just not cricket


It’s just not cricket

Cultures clash over pipis at Venus Bay

Anote Tong, president of Kiribati, on Svalbard.


Cold comfort

The president of Kiribati goes on a fact-finding mission in the Arctic

Sense and sensibility


Sense and sensibility

Tanya Plibersek plays it cool

Cartoon showing man fighting cactus


She’ll be cactus

In central Victoria, locals are taking up arms against the invading wheel cactus

‘Optimism’ by Bob Brown

Book reviews

‘Optimism’ by Bob Brown

Hardie Grant; $39.95

Playing for par

State parliament

Playing for par

Victorian Labor leader Daniel Andrews keeps his head down

Ship-loading tower, Triabunna mill wharf. © Mike Bowers


The destruction of the Triabunna mill and the fall of Tasmania’s woodchip industry

How the end of Gunns cleared a new path for Tasmania


Editor’s Note April 2014

“I believe this is an important grace note in our national life,” said the prime minister. Ah, grace notes. It’s been quite a month for those. The immigration minister, Scott Morrison, continued to insist that the asylum seekers claiming …


Editor’s Note March 2014

Many readers will recall the construction, in the early 2000s, of the new Age printing plant by the freeway near Melbourne airport. Up went a glorious, glass-walled, transparent building, rendered all the more striking by the plainness of its …


Editor’s Note February 2014

Keen observers of the political process have long attributed Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s propensity to walk like a cowboy to his pre-dawn habit of sending the flint-stones flying on his bike. But increasingly he’s been talking the walk. Last …

Five years after Black Saturday

Climate change

Five years after Black Saturday

How we fight fires now

Regents of The Abbott Government, After Karel Dujardin, by Ben Gerber.
L to R: Scott Morrison, Christopher Pyne, Joe Hockey, Tony Abbott, Peter Dutton and George Brandis.


December/January Editor’s Note

One of this magazine’s most popular contributors, someone not known for subscribing to partisan opinion, demurred when asked to comment on the current government for this issue. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a cabinet of creeps,” …


November Editor’s Note

Rupert’s in town. Hopefully he’ll amble into a local newsagent and see himself on our cover. Perhaps, if we’re really lucky, he’ll tweet a response. Here at the Monthly we’ve long been fans of Murdoch’s Twitter …