Jessica Au

Jessica Au is a Melbourne writer and an associate editor at Aeon.

Articles by this author

The author of ‘The Hidden Life of Trees’ argues that animals experience emotions like we do
Peter Wohlleben’s ‘The Inner Life of Animals’: animals have feelings too
Nicolas Malebranche, the French rationalist, once wrote of animals: “They eat without pleasure, cry without pain, grow without knowing it; they desire nothing, fear nothing, know...
Cover of Sour Heart
Jenny Zhang’s short-story collection offers complex, radical versions of immigrant girlhood
Girls and the grotesque in ‘Sour Heart’
Jenny Zhang’s short-story collection Sour Heart (Bloomsbury; $24.99) is not a cruel book. There is pain, yes, savagery and poverty, too, but its cause is less to do with...
Cover of Goodbye, Vitamin
Alzheimer’s drives the narrative of Rachel Khong’s ‘Goodbye, Vitamin’ but it isn’t the novel’s focus
Writing to remember
Alzheimer’s today remains an illness of great mystery: scientists do not yet fully understand its causes, and there is no known cure. What is known, as discovered by Alois...