James Button

James Button is a former journalist with The Age, and the author of Speechless: A Year in My Father’s Business and Comeback: The Fall and Rise of Geelong.

Articles by this author

Image of Peter Dutton
The minister, Pezzullo and the demise of Immigration
Dutton’s dark victory
It’s a fine December morning in the northern Canberra suburb of Belconnen, and in the cafe opposite the Department of Home Affairs a crowd watches the busy barista. His black T-...
The Clifton Hill team warms up in Kensington. © William Mendoza 
What a father learnt on the sidelines
Soccer is for girls
“Have you noticed,” said my neighbour Nick as we watched our 11-year-old daughters during a match, “that when girls play soccer they’re always saying sorry? They knock someone,...
© Astrid Dalum
Karl Ove Knausgaard
My Struggle
After Karl Ove Knausgaard finished writing his novel, he gave the manuscript to his wife, Linda. Apart from the writer himself, she was the main character. She was going to...
AFL players Mitch Duncan and Jimmy Bartel dressed as Ricky Nixon and Kim Duthie, October 2011. © David Caird/Newspix
Anna Krien’s ‘Night Games’
Behind Play
It’s a courtroom drama that begins where most end, with the verdict. Justin Dyer is the defendant on six charges of the rape, attempted rape and indecent assault of Sarah...
Martin Street, East Geelong. © Ian Kenins
‘The Words That Made Australia’
Hard truths
Scorn for the suburbs, gentle or fierce, is a staple of Australian cultural life. From My Brother Jack to Edna Everage and Sandy Stone, to Muriel’s Wedding and Kath and Kim,...
John Button, 1933–2008
It was exciting growing up around Dad. He brought the heady outside world into our house. The phone was always ringing; visitors were knocking on the door and being ushered into...