Helen Garner

Helen Garner
Helen Garner is a novelist, short-story writer and journalist. Her books include Monkey Grip, The Children’s BachThe Spare Room and This House of Grief.

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Mission Unthinkable


'Paradise Now'

Hit me


The thin veneer of his characters’ self-command makes him exciting to watch. Russell Crowe and the art of violence.

The beautiful & the damned clunky


Laura Linney and Topher Grace in ‘P.S.’

Moving experience


The night before I left my old house last month I sat down, exhausted after a day of packing and carrying, to watch Super Nanny. I found myself consumed with disproportionate rage against the barbaric little brothers she was trying to tame – three plain, …

Heat & fright. A quiet weekend in Adelaide


Sarah Watt’s ‘Look Both Ways’

Fragments of a swooping mind. Raw tissue, ragged editing


Jonathan Caouette’s ‘Tarnation’

No screaming


Kore-eda Hirokazu’s ‘Nobody Knows’

Illustration by Jeff Fisher.

Punishing Lauren


One Tuesday morning in August last year, Lauren Curnow, a 17-year-old student at Ballarat Secondary College, told her parents that she felt sick and wanted to stay home from school. Her mother assumed Lauren had a cold. But at about four in the afternoon, …