Helen Elliott

Helen Elliott
Helen Elliott is a literary journalist and writer.

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Image of ‘Fragile Monsters’

‘Fragile Monsters’ by Catherine Menon


Memories of the Malayan Emergency resurface when a mathematician returns to her home country, in the British author’s debut novel

Image of ‘Jack’

‘Jack’ by Marilynne Robinson


History and suffering matter in the latest instalment of the American author’s Gilead novels

Image of ‘The Living Sea of Waking Dreams’

‘The Living Sea of Waking Dreams’ by Richard Flanagan


The Booker Prize winner’s allegorical new novel about the permanence of loss

‘The Time of Our Lives’ by Robert Dessaix


The memoirist’s latest, surprisingly unsettling instalment

Cover of ‘Little Eyes’

‘Little Eyes’ by Samanta Schweblin (trans. Megan McDowell)


Intimacy and privacy blur as people adopt cybernetic pets inhabited remotely by others, in this disturbing speculative fiction

Cover of ‘A Room Made of Leaves’

‘A Room Made of Leaves’ by Kate Grenville


The author of ‘The Secret River’ returns with a canny twist to fictionalise the life of Elizabeth Macarthur, wife of the Australian pioneering settler

‘The Rain Heron’ by Robbie Arnott


An unsettling near-future tale of soldiers hunting a mythic bird by ‘the Tasmanian Wordsworth’

Cover of ‘The End of October’

‘The End of October’ by Lawrence Wright


A ‘New Yorker’ journalist’s eerily prescient novel about public-health officials fighting a runaway pandemic

Cover of ‘Kim Jiyoung, Born 1982’

‘Kim Jiyoung, Born 1982’ by Cho Nam-Joo (trans. Jamie Chang)


The coldly brilliant, bestselling South Korean novel describing the ambient harassment and discrimination experienced by women globally