Helen Elliott


77 ENTRIES Helen Elliott is a literary journalist and writer.


Cover of ‘Kids Run the Show’


Delphine de Vigan’s ‘Kids Run the Show’

The French author’s fragmentary novel employs the horror genre to explore anxieties about intimacy, celebrity and our infatuation with life on screens

Cover of ‘The Details’


Ia Genberg’s ‘The Details’

The four young characters of the Swedish author’s slender volume grippingly embody everyday life, its enduring relationships and its anxieties

Cover of ‘Forgotten Warriors’


Sarah Percy’s ‘Forgotten Warriors’

A history of women’s overlooked contributions to wartime combat and the disempowerment delivered under the guise of chivalry

Illustration by Jeff Fisher


‘No one is ordinary’

How the memory of parental advice sparked the critic to write a memoir in the form of letters to neighbours, relatives, teachers, friends and colleagues

Headshot of Beth Spencer


Matters of life and Beth: Beth Spencer

The Australian author of ‘The Age of Fibs’ shares with Elena Ferrante and Annie Ernaux the desire to write truthfully of ordinary women’s lives

Cover of ‘Lessons’


Ian McEwan’s ‘Lessons’

The English master novelist’s latest describes a boy’s sexual awakening with his piano teacher, and its lasting impact on his life

Image of Marcel Proust, in 1910


The centenary of the death of Marcel Proust

What better time to read or re-read the quintessential modernist novel ‘À la Recherche du Temps Perdu’?

Cover of ‘Shrines of Gaiety’


‘Shrines of Gaiety’

Kate Atkinson’s witty, melancholic novel is an immersion in 1920s London nightclubs – the Soho shrines that disguise dens of iniquity

Cover of ‘Marlo’



Author Jay Carmichael revisits 1950s Australia where, for a young gay man, escaping from a small town to the city comes with its own complexities

Cover of ‘Trust’



The American novelist Hernan Diaz audits the silence of great wealth in a story of four parts presented as novel, autobiography, memoir and diary

Cover image of Louise Kennedy’s ‘Trespasses’



The powerful debut novel from Irish author Louise Kennedy is a masterclass in emotional compression

Cover of Robert Lukins’ ‘Loveland’



Robert Lukins’ second novel takes a Brisbane woman to Nebraska, where an inheritance sparks a change in character as well as in fortune

Detail from cover of Elena Ferrante’s ‘In the Margins’


A writer unfolded: Elena Ferrante’s ‘In the Margins’

In an essay collection, the mysterious author of the Neapolitan novels pursues the “excessive” to counter patriarchal literature’s dominance

Cover of ‘Crossroads’


‘Crossroads’ by Jonathan Franzen

The acclaimed US author’s latest novel is a 1971 church drama modelled on ‘Middlemarch’

Cover of ‘The Magician’


‘The Magician’ by Colm Tóibín

The Irish novelist’s latest ponders creativity and the unacknowledged life of Thomas Mann