Geordie Williamson

Geordie Williamson
Geordie Williamson is a writer, editor and critic.

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Image of JM Coetzee

The antipodes of the imagination


JM Coetzee’s ‘The Schooldays of Jesus’ is defined by its strangeness

In conscious exile


Rediscovering the novels of Randolph Stow

‘Acute Misfortune’ by Erik Jensen


Black Inc.; $32.99

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The return of Elizabeth Harrower’s ‘In Certain Circles’


A long-lost novel sees the light after 40 years

Alex Miller’s ’Coal Creek’

Australian Literature

  Some writers’ imaginations are roused most strongly by the view from their doorsteps. John Updike created a literary cosmos from the small-town, middle-class Protestant America of his youth. Irishman John McGahern spent a lifetime turning …

Clive James: criticism was the field in which he was obliged to subordinate himself to the texts under discussion © Britta Campion / Newspix

The competing sides of Clive James

The clown v. the critic

Patrick White at Cambridge in the early 1930s. National Library of Australia

The Best of Australian Literature 2012

Patrick White

Let’s prick the bubble of contemporaneity for once. Two lost books by a centenarian author were published in 2012. Happy Valley is the first reissue of Patrick White’s 1939 debut, a novel that was later so effectively quashed by its creator …

Fiction masterpiece


JM Coetzee - ‘Summertime’, 2009

Strange beasts


Sonya’s Hartnett’s ‘Midnight Zoo’