Gail Bell

Gail Bell
Gail Bell has worked as a pharmacist, educator and writer. Her books include The Poison Principle and Shot: A Personal Response to Guns and Trauma.

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Paseo del Prado

creative writing

I was robbed in broad daylight, in a milling crowd, in Madrid. It was painless and, in accordance with the warnings of every guidebook and internet forum on the subject of visiting a European city bruised by a sovereign debt crisis, not entirely unexpected. …

Amy French, Kumpaya Girgiba and Miriam Atkins in front of French and Lily Long's 'Karlamilyi'. © Fremantle Arts Centre

The logic of water

Meeting the Martu artists of the East Pilbara

Reading to the dying

Mental illness

My friend Margaret hallucinated a wedding in the final weeks of her life. Some of her old animation briefly restored, she poured drinks for her guests, called for coffee, and asked me in a light, mocking tone what I thought of the groom. Happy to be invited, …

Illustration by Jeff Fisher.

Quiet, Please

CityRail’s ‘Quiet Carriages’ Trial

'As I was Saying: A Collection of Musings' by Robert Dessaix, Vintage Australia, 224pp;$27.95

As Robert Was Saying

In conversation with Robert Dessaix

People living with HIV and AIDS, Sydney Mardi Gras, 1990s. © William Yang

A quiet anniversary


AIDS 30 years on

Prescribing behaviour


The rush to diagnose ADHD

Caged rats awaiting their fate. © Francesca Yorke/Getty Images

In the rat room


Reflections on the breeding house

Illustration by Jeff Fisher.

Inside the pillbox


Bullying in the workplace