Frank Bongiorno

Frank Bongiorno teaches history at the Australian National University. His books include The Sex Lives of Australians and The Eighties.

Articles by this author

Image of Tracker Tilmouth
A raw account of Aboriginal politics through the stories of ‘Tracker’ Tilmouth
Alexis Wright’s ‘Tracker’
“Tracker” Tilmouth did not mince words. People he disliked were “thick as pig shit on a cold day” or “oxygen thieves”. A hopeless bureaucrat “would fuck up Christmas Day”. The...
Black Inc.; $29.99
‘The Last Man in Europe’ by Dennis Glover
The reappearance of George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four in the bestseller lists says much about the times in which we live. Dennis Glover has already built a reputation as a...
Image of the Pilbara, Western Australia.
Mark McKenna’s ‘From the Edge’ tells four fascinating stories of Aboriginal and settler interaction through the history of place
This storied land
It has been common for a generation, following Geoffrey Blainey and John Howard, to think of Australian histories as being of either the “black armband” or the “three cheers”...
Remembering a historian of fierce independence and unusual originality
John Hirst (1942–2016)
There was a persistent theme in the tributes to the eminent historian John Hirst that appeared on social media at the news of his untimely death earlier this month, especially...
Mandy Rice-Davies and Christine Keeler leave the Profumo trial hearing, 1963. © Hulton-Deutsch Collection
Sugar and spies
The Profumo Affair, 50 years on
At Bill Clinton’s impeachment trial, Arkansas Senator Dale Bumpers gave an eloquent summation of why a semen-stained dress and the manifold uses of a cigar had become of...