Erik Jensen

Erik Jensen is the editor of the Saturday Paper and the author of Acute Misfortune: The life and death of Adam Cullen.


Articles by this author

Durbach Block Jaggers is a practice in argument
Compressed contemporary
In the garden on top of their offices in Sydney, three architects sit squabbling over buildings. It is the argument of people so familiar with each other they won’t allow a...
How Christopher Pyne Puts Up with Himself
Christopher Pyne’s face has turned pink. That thin voice – part aristocrat, part magpie – is straining in its upper register. “Anzac Day is critical to...
Still ready to served: Rudd’s backers refuse to give up agitating for his return © Andrew Taylor/Fairfax Syndication
The Saboteur
Kevin Rudd’s unrelenting campaign to regain power
Kevin Rudd began his second campaign for the leadership of the Labor Party by not standing. Just after 10 pm on 23 June 2010, on the so-called night of the long knives, he emerged...