Elle Hardy


41 ENTRIES Elle Hardy is an Australian journalist based in the United States. She can be found at www.ellehardy.com


The Politics

The invisible handshake

Australia’s lobbying-industrial complex needs urgent reform

The Politics

Trump’s “great and unmatched wisdom”?

The president’s surprise Syria withdrawal should give Australia pause

The Politics

Striking the right Tone

Tony Abbott isn’t going anywhere

The Politics

Phone a friend

Morrison’s involvement in the Trump impeachment saga could drag on until next year

The Politics

Trump’s deputy sheriff

The US president is transforming conservative politics in Australia too

The Politics

Second-class citizens

The government’s failure to close a loophole exposing vulnerable workers speaks volumes

The Politics

WorkChoices resurrected

The Coalition’s commitment to employer-oriented IR laws may be dead in name but not in nature

The Politics

Access Trumps truth

The PM’s visit to the US highlights a flaw in much Australian political coverage

The Politics

Hanson family values

The family law inquiry is shaping up to be an exercise in bad faith

The Politics

Failure to launch

The Berejiklian spill has been cancelled, but coup attempts are unlikely to stop anytime soon

The Politics

Big stick, no carrot

The Coalition’s fixation on energy prices distracts from wage stagnation

The Politics

Laboring the point

The Opposition needs to hold the government to account on climate policy

The Politics

Ungraceful Brexit

The political lessons for Australia in the fiasco unfolding in the UK

The Politics

Curious compassionate conservatism

Who will benefit from the government’s welfare reforms?

The Politics

Extraordinary emergency

As climate activists seek to set legal precedent, Canavan doubles down