Dominic Kelly


11 ENTRIES Dominic Kelly is a PhD candidate and tutor in politics at La Trobe University. He tweets from @illywhacker_.


The Politics

Turnbull’s daft crusade

Yet again, the prime minister has meekly surrendered to the right of his party

The Politics

No strength in numbers

An improved poll result cannot hide the government’s malaise

The Politics

Much ado about Nada

Richard Di Natale and the Greens are betting on youth

The Politics

Lights, camera, reaction

Few things set the cultural warriors barking like International Women’s Day

The Politics

Disaster averted

As the Australian economy avoids recession, Trump says he will rescue Americans from their hellscape.

The Politics

Culture bores

The right’s fawning over an empty provocateur reveals its skewed priorities

The Politics

One Nation, two narratives

The notion that Pauline Hanson has matured since the 1990s is an orchestrated myth

The Politics

Principles versus pragmatism

No responsible government can be completely beholden to its most ideological elements

The Politics

Warped vision

Looking to conservatives to lead the opposition to Trump is foolish


Privilege and its discontents

Tony Abbott’s speech to the Samuel Griffith Society reveals the contradictory mess of entitlement and resentment in the Australian right


Reforming the people

Why doesn't mainstream media write in the interests of its readers?