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34 ENTRIES Daniel James is an award-winning writer and broadcaster. He hosts the radio show The Mission on 3RRR FM.


Former prime minister Tony Abbott, September 26, 2023. Image © Lukas Coch / AAP Images

The Politics

Like a reconciliation ball

Can there be hope for change when culture warriors have set their sights on derailing treaty processes?

Empty seats with No campaign placards on them in an event venue in Melbourne, September 15, 2023,


True colours

What the outcome of the Voice referendum suggests about the future of reconciliation, and what it says about the national character

Orange posters at a “No” campaign event

The Politics

True colours

What the outcome of the Voice referendum reflects about the national character, and what it suggests about the future of reconciliation, is truly dispiriting

A group of people at the WA Liberals for No campaign launch in Perth.

The Politics

Chaos reigns

With increasingly disparate claims, the “No” campaign is using the Voice referendum as a Trojan horse for racism, extremism and hate speech

Image of Jacinta Nampijinpa Price

The Politics

A denial of reality

The dangerous erasure of Australian history by Jacinta Price cannot be allowed to stand unchallenged

G20 leaders including Anthony Albanese

The Politics

The heat is on

When it comes to the climate, leaders will only grasp that the writing is on the wall when the wall is burning

Image of Marcia Langton.

The Politics

Harm’s way

First Nations people are suffering through a debate poisoned by the “No” campaign’s specious nonsense

Warren Mundine is seen speaking into a microphone, gesturing with one hand out in front of him, towards the camera.

The Politics

Campaign supernova

Prepare for six more weeks of stunts and unsubstantiated claims from the “No” campaign

Jacinta Price is seen speaking from a podium, with a blue CPAC logo behind her.

The Politics

CPAC mentality

The US-style conservative conference was a reminder that the Voice referendum is being used as a Trumpian Trojan Horse

Anthony Albanese is seen speaking at a podium, gesturing with his fingertips together.

The Politics

Defensive postures

The ALP conference sees dissent over the AUKUS pact, but the status quo is upheld

Lidia Thorpe is seen looking fierce and determined.

The Politics

In spurious agreement

Conservatives and progressives may both vote “No”, but they are not on the same side

Tony Abbott is seen from one side, speaking. An Australian flag can be seen hanging in the background.

The Politics

Old Abbotts die hard

The former prime minister can’t resist bringing his contrarian politics to the Voice debate

Scott Morrison is seen sitting on the green benches of the House of Representatives. He is looking over his glasses into the camera, with a smirking expression.

The Politics

Character actor

The fact that Scott Morrison still sits in parliament is proof that we need a stronger test of character for elected officials

Daniel Andrews wears a weary but determined expression, standing against a dark background

The Politics

Bad influences

IBAC has revealed alleged corruption in Victoria, but is there enough political will for change?

Daniel Andrews can be seen in the top left of frame, looking at something off camera, while Anthony Albanese, seated next to him, gestures with his hands while he speaks.

The Politics

Bad reputation

Forget the Commonwealth Games – Australia’s international reputation has long been shabby