Craig Mathieson

Craig Mathieson
Craig Mathieson is a television critic for The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald, an author, and the creator of the Binge-r streaming newsletter.

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Image from ‘The OA’

Streaming highlights: March 2019


‘The OA’ amplifies the intrigue, Gregg Araki’s streaming debut ‘Now Apocalypse’, and the wealth porn of ‘Billions’ returns

Image from ‘Sex Education’

Streaming highlights: February 2019


Adolescent antiheroes in ‘Sex Education’ and ‘Pen15’, Eric Bana shines darkly in ‘Dirty John’, new ‘Counterpart’, and the irreverent charm of ‘Russian Doll’

Image from ‘Russian Doll’

A bug in the code: ‘Russian Doll’


This existential comedy is 2019’s first must-see Netflix series

Still from The Cry

ABC TV’s ‘The Cry’


This Scottish–Australian drama successfully subverts the missing-child genre

Image from ‘Roma’

Alfonso Cuarón’s masterful ‘Roma’


This Academy Award favourite elevates the domestic to the monumental

‘The Little Drummer Girl’: a masterclass in subterfuge


‘Oldboy’ director Park Chan-wook takes on a le Carré spy drama, with genre-rattling results

‘The Ballad of Buster Scruggs’ directed by Joel and Ethan Coen


For their Netflix debut, the Coen brothers return to the Western

Image from ‘The Other Side of the Wind’

Orson Welles’s ‘The Other Side of the Wind’ and Morgan Neville’s ‘They’ll Love Me When I’m Dead’


The auteur’s messy mockumentary and the documentary that seeks to explain it are imperfect but better together

Paul Feig’s sophisticated ‘A Simple Favour’


This camp study of sociopathy is far from simple