Ceridwen Dovey

Ceridwen Dovey is the author of Blood Kin and Only the Animals.

Articles by this author

It’s a simple procedure, but having a vasectomy can raise questions of masculinity and equality
The snip
Since word got out that my husband was considering a vasectomy – and I was planning to write about it – a lot of men have surprised me by eagerly sharing their “vasectomemories”....
Image of Xiaojing Hao
Australia’s solar champions face an uncertain future
The eureka factory
If you haven’t already heard, the solar cell efficiency race is on, and once you’ve dusted off your periodic table, it’s a race as scintillating as any big-ticket derby. The...
Master perfumer Jonathon Midgley concocts some unusual scents
Art for the nose
The scents of the seven deadly sins, in miniature sampling vials of varying shades of amber and green, are arranged on my work desk. In preparation for interviewing Jonathon...
One mother’s campaign to fix overcrowding in Sydney’s schools
Schoolyard crush
Steph Croft never set out to become a whistleblower. But in 2012 the financial analyst and mother of two teenagers began to realise something was going horribly wrong with schools...
The perverse attraction of autobiographical fiction
The pencil and the damage done
“I was ruthless,” Karl Ove Knausgaard, the now infamous Norwegian author of the volumes of autobiographical fiction, My Struggle, said at last year’s Sydney Writers’ Festival. “...
Medieval records show that attitudes to suicide have changed little
Intent unknown
In 1254, Walter Beche of Essex, England, drowned himself in a well. Four men later testified to a jury that Beche had killed himself “for fear because he thought that they would...
On the road with the librarians who deliver
Books on wheels
Two librarians are plotting the most efficient route through North Sydney on a local council map that is two decades old and sticky-taped together. “It’s an old-fashioned map, but...