Celina Ribeiro


7 ENTRIES Celina Ribeiro is a journalist based in London, where she co-edits a small magazine. She has written for the New Statesman, the Sydney Morning Herald, the Age and New Matilda



Gone Walkabout

The last Aussie-themed pub in London


‘Bodies’ by Susie Orbach

Politicians predict obesity epidemics bankrupting governments and mutating generations of people, parents Photoshop pictures of their toddlers, and the cosmetic-surgery industry grows by US$1 billion each year. In her new book the English psychotherapist …



In this nine-part series, the ABC hands the stage to Australia’s premier experimental-music acts for live performances on occasional Tuesday nights. It is a great idea; a unique, almost noble quest to expand the audience for avant-garde music through …


‘Ludmila’s Broken English’ by DBC Pierre

It’s a new world. Science has separated 33-year-old conjoined twins Blair and Bunny. Privatisation has plucked them from their institutional cocoon and dropped them in the middle of London. Violence has given young Ludmila the opportunity to escape …

Illustration by Jeff Fisher.


She is somewhere

CDs are stacked high like Jenga next to open, highlighted textbooks. Clothes are shoved into a blue laminex wardrobe the last student tenant left behind. Buckets of belts, earrings and necklaces are squashed beside a pile of dirty clothes. She is somewhere …


Drought essay: Orange, NSW

“I’m going to die,” pants Jess Wright. “Good,” says Mrs Jennings. “Do it quietly.” It is a cold Friday night in central-western New South Wales. The Kinross Wolaroi School indoor pool is the makeshift home of the Orange Icebreakers swim …

Illustration by Jeff Fisher.


Board shorts on Sunday

Rebecca Smith, 16, broke curfew. She knew she was going to be late and she knew her mother, Janelle, would be sitting at home waiting. She knew her mother would not understand. She didn’t care. She stayed at her church youth group until the last prayer. …