Catherine Ford

Catherine Ford
Catherine Ford is a freelance journalist. Her books include NYC and Dirt.

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Scene from a public school, circa 1978. © Newspix/News Limited

Across the Great Divide


Public versus Private Schools

Illustration by Jeff Fisher.

Jewel of Melbourne


If ever I’ve been in Melbourne’s CBD and gripped by a raging depression there – the sight of the city’s lonesome downtown mall can do it to me, with its pavement guitarists dedicating themselves to another decade of distorted flamenco music and …

Illustration by Jeff Fisher.



Every evening before dinner, I escort my infinitely forbearing dog out of the house and into the world on his nightly constitutional. Lance and I don’t walk where we should, which is to say the closest neighbouring parkland. That’s been intruded upon …

Jet lag


Martha Solburn, an American woman, plump and unaccustomed to vacations, eased herself out of a taxi into the late-August morning. Her companion, Stewart Winter, adjusted the seat of his jeans and followed, wheeling a new Samsonite suitcase. “I’d …