Anwen Crawford

Anwen Crawford
Anwen Crawford is The Monthly’s music critic and the author of Live Through This.

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The Muppets vs Wes Anderson


Muppets Most Wanted and The Grand Budapest Hotel both have plots that involve wrongful imprisonments. I know who I felt most sorry for, and it wasn’t Ralph Fiennes as Monsieur Gustave H., a hotel concierge turned convict in Wes …

Noah: A catastrophic spectacle


In the dark of the movie theatre I took notes on Noah. These read, in part: DOOM STRINGS Motley leathers That’s a lot of CGI for talking rocks Slave trade? Cannibalism? WTF?? Ray Winstone! STOP THE LOUD Alas, my caps-locked pleas …

‘True Detective’


HBO / Foxtel Showcase

© Cybele Malinowski

Sally Seltmann’s ‘Hey Daydreamer’


The fourth solo album from the Sydney singer-songwriter

Review: All is Lost - Redford’s one-man disaster response


All Is Lost is director J.C. Chandor’s second disaster flick. His first, Margin Call (2011), was a chamber piece about the beginnings of the global financial crisis, set at a fictional Manhattan investment bank. Where that film …

Lorde performing at the Laneway Festival in Sydney. © Will Reichelt

Kids these days

Laneway, Lorde and other disappointments

Wally De Backer (aka Gotye) with a still from the ‘Somebody That I Used To Know’ video. © Mark Gamboni / ACMI

Music videos: a personal history

From Saturday-morning ‘Rage’ to ACMI’s ‘Spectacle’ exhibition

Nile Rodgers (second from left) and Chic, at the Palladium in New York City, 1979. © Waring Abbott / Getty

Nile Rodgers


From ‘Le Freak’ to ‘Get Lucky’

You Am I’s line-up, c.1990: Nik Tischler, Tim Rogers and Mark Tunaley © Tony Mott

You Am I and the new nostalgia

Australian rock music

The rise of heritage rock