Anwen Crawford

Anwen Crawford
Anwen Crawford is The Monthly’s music critic. Her new book is No Document.

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Image of Sarah Aiken

Wage fright


COVID-19 isolation rules have seen artists’ livelihoods disappear

Image of Stormzy

Grime boss: Stormzy


The rapper and MC’s second album ‘Heavy Is the Head’ is another triumphant step bringing black British culture forward

Coronavirus: cancelling culture


How the COVID-19 crisis could be catastrophic for Australia’s already vulnerable arts sector

Image of Use No Hooks, circa 1979

The future was foreclosed: Post-punk and Use No Hooks’ ‘The Job’


Energetic cross-genre experiments power a scant retrospective from members of Melbourne’s ‘little band’ scene

Image of Gordon Koang

The king in exile: Gordon Koang


The music of the South Sudanese star and former refugee offers solace and a plea for unity

Image of Nasty Cherry

‘I’m with the Band: Nasty Cherry’


This Netflix series pays lip service to female empowerment in the music industry, but ultimately reinforces its limits

Image of Cardi B

Bodak moment: Pop’s decade of superstars


Cardi B delivered the song of the decade as a new league of superstars overcame the significance of bands

Image from ‘The Report’

Interrogating the interrogators: ‘The Report’


This tale of the investigation into CIA torture during the War on Terror places too much faith in government procedure

Image from ‘Blinded by the Light’

Tory Days: ‘Blinded by the Light’


Bruce Springsteen provides more than the soundtrack in this Thatcher-era coming-of-age film